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Creative Document Design

At SJ&C we will help you define your requirements, develop a project plan that fits your budget, and create business communications that maximize your client relationship.

Data Services

SJ&C is equipped to receive encrypted data from virtually any transmission method. Once received, your confidential data is verified and processed through our computer systems to generate customized hard copy, electronic documents and reports. If you have the ability to output your data, SJ&C can transform that information into exactly the format you desire.

Electronic Imaging

SJ&C has networked its printers to enable rapid resource sharing, giving us significant production capacity to meet time-critical turnaround requirements. Our flexible print systems can add highlight color print, or full digital color output.


At SJ&C, you’ll benefit from the flexibility, efficiency and speed of intelligent, leading-edge mail production equipment. Every inserter features at least six selective insert stations that allow you to target specific inserts to specific customers. SJ&C also partners with a co-mingle company that has equipment at our location to help ensure you get the lowest postage rates possible when your mail cannot be manifested alone.


SJ&C can convert and securely host your hardcopy documents as indexed PDF images available over the Web or offline in compressed digital media formats. Your staff will enjoy the flexibility of expanded query options based on multiple index searches.

Internet Document Delivery & Payment

SJ&C’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment service enable secure delivery of statements and other documents via the Internet. SJ&C has partnered with two of the leading software providers to present PDFs with optional HTML summary that fit our client’s needs.

Digital Color

Adding full color digital variable-data graphics to your documents is an effective, cost-efficient method of communicating important information to your customers. Using industry-leading digital color technology, SJ&C embeds personalized, cross-promotional messages and graphics that are targeted to each recipient.