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Our story began right here in San Antonio, when our parent company…

Companies, was looking for a reliable and
dependable print and mail provider to manage and generate
1095 forms for their ACA clients.

Sounds simple, until you consider that the number of forms required equaled over
500,000 to be printed in less than 60 days at that time!

The answer was to establish a division of ETC to provide print and mail

ETC was a data company, SJ&C became a data company; able to
effectively manage and leverage streams of information to
generate texts, emails, and traditional client mail campaigns. From
data management, came design services to further enhance the client’s message.

It wasn’t long before SJ&C started targeting client opportunities
outside the ETC network; by providing its services to small, and
mid-size organizations, and companies. SJ&C has transitioned
into a Bigger, Better, and more Robust, total provider for
specialized print and mailing solutions;

Leveraging Data & Information to yield measured
results – that’s what we do!

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